Right now all my awaken time are taken up by these beauties. I admit, I’m a real obsessionista, when I see something I really love, I know I need it. Because I’m pretty picky with what I buy, my gut is the best shoppingpartner, always honest.

I’m looking for some hot coffeetable books for my home and Cecil Beatons is one of those that will move in with me pretty soon. Got some more on the list this season which you’ll love.


A cashmere in color code camel is a must for a fall wardrobe, this from The Row is magical!!! Maybe because I got a thing for v-neck tops? The more skin the better!


A golden hand mirror from Frasco Mirrors to pur my face together in the morning.  This or one on a feet?

Summer is over but shadeseason just begin. I wear my sunnies more in the AW than in SS season. Linda Farrow got a lot of shadows for my eyes to be protected. No fine lines in my twenties thank you!



When working at a gym it’s hard to suit up but a black look is always right! My lovely jacket from Zara on top of that and I’m ready for after work errands. I’m so in love in this jacket I’m thinking of getting one more to have in the closet for when this is done. It’s the perfect green color, no plastic feeling over it and I feel trés chic in it!


Yesterday I went by our beautiful store Vallgatan 12 in Gothenburg, located on the same adress as the name telling you. Here you find a lot of scandinavian fashion. But my favourites are the interior, café/bar and the restaurant. The whole store feels like an amazing showroom or apartment, really like their concept and feeling I get everytime I’m there. Are you in Gothenburg? Be sure to visit, buy a little piece of jewlery and sit down for an after work!

imageimageimageimage image


imageOne of the best places to find vintage fashion from the big bosses like Hermès, Gucci, Chanel? And a loooot of beyond perfect pieces for a stylish home? Bukowskis Market is the answer. Today I picked up my latest lover. Who it is? I’ll introduce you tomorrow, promise you’ll be the first to know! I need to get to know my adopted new family member first. You can also make a really good catch at Lauritz.


The scheduel today is crazy, but I like that! A little craziness, a wednesday filled with meetings, inspiring people, coffe, work and a lifechanging investment.

imageStarting this day with a coffee before heading over to one of my offices for some catch up with the team. Morningmeeting after that and then…. My oh my!!!! You’ll LOVE it!